Medical Device Contract Manufacturing


AQS’s experience in the medical manufacturing field provides customers the proper solutions they require to maintain a steady and commanding presence in a market where new cutting edge technology is frequently birthed. AQS proudly produces laboratory and point of use orthopedic surgery aid, laboratory testing equipment, pharmacy automation systems, blood sample separation devices and smart handling equipment. Our ISO 13485 certification ensures proper record keeping procedures that must be followed to meet standards for medical devices. AQS offers our customers 510(k) submission assistance for all of their medical devices.


In the medical industry, reliability is extremely crucial. We understand what negative effects malfunctioning medical equipment can cause, so we made a vow to produce the highest quality medical devices with a guarantee of reliability. AQS has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in manufacturing medical devices with industry leading companies. We support customers by building up devices for orthopedic surgical aid, surgical planning, image-guided catheter systems and image generators for surgical planning. We fully understand that hindering regulations and necessary procedures interfere with release time and make products delayed, but we can guarantee that our customers will receive their product on time. Our experienced team helps to deliver a viable product to market with exceptional quality.


AQS has partnered with world-class life science labs producing innovative products for many years now. Our engineers dedicate complete support to customers every step of the way. Our mission is to manifest our customer’s vision to fruition. From bench-top products to large floor units, our skilled team assembles every component vital to lab systems. We have produced spoons for easing the effects of tremors, chromatography analyzers, bio database generators, and preclinical drug research analyzers. We are very confident and proud of our ability to produce life-saving technology that makes a difference in the world.