Global Logistics


AQS’s logistics and fulfillment services simplifies and eliminates the problems and struggles of getting products to market within the constraints of difficult cost structures, complex diverse sectors and geographies. AQS’s fulfillment and distribution solutions gain improved supply chain visibility and accelerate the product to market faster.


Our web-based fulfillment system provides real-time global shipment visibility across major carriers. From inventory management to reverse logistics, our fulfillment service maximizes your performance of operations while reducing inventories and capital investment. Our cost effective shipping capabilities will deliver the final goods to wherever our customers need across the world via air, sea, and ground.


Managing global shipping is complex business. AQS’s global shipping solutions enable our clientele to plan and execute optimized operations. It is important that our customers receive their product on time to meet strict deadlines. With great sourcing in China, South Korea, Taiwan and USA we assure that the product will get to our customers on time every time. We provide value for our customer’s dollar so when they use our shipping services they receive drop & reverse shipping solutions as well as RMA & rework services for their products. Our customers have access to the information they need, when they need it and in the right format to ensure on time delivery every time.