Consumer Electronics Manufacturing


Penetrating competitive markets with any product or device can be difficult. Strict deadlines must be met, and products must run flawlessly. AQS understands what it takes to penetrate the market successfully and satisfy all requirements needed to build up perfect products and meet deadlines. We have developed a wide variety of devices such as electronic skateboards, drones, video conference apparatus, wearable devices, and VR & AR devices.


There is a high demand for wearable technology in a multitude of markets. The race to design and deliver new devices to market is now more crucial than ever. AQS design & engineering team helps customers develop wearable technology from the entire product’s lifecycle and get it to market quickly with our smart supply chain and global logistics capabilities. Whether it is VR & AR cameras or wearable health devices, AQS vows to maximize the potential of the product and leave an imprint on the market.


In a fast paced world where timing is everything, electric transportation has become more prevalent than ever. Our sketch to scale services gives our customers the advantage they need to reach market quickly and reduce costs and risks. AQS has partnered with reputable companies to produce Electric Skateboards, Bicycles, and Hover Boards.