Grow With Aqs



AQS understands that the modern market dictates that quality and speed rule all. We aim to create the best product for our customers that will dominate the market and raise the bar, separating our customers from their competitors. Our results back that up. With over 30 years of experience in the Electronics Manufacturing industry we have assembled a strong, experienced team who can maximize the potential of every product we build. AQS is recognized as having one of the fastest NPI services in the industry along with quality low cost overseas production available as well. Our manufacturing solutions are capable of servicing a wide variety of markets, thus making AQS one of the most versatile manufacturing companies. We value our customers and aim to build long lasting relationships based off trust and communication because our customers are very important to us. Immaculate quality, flexibility, versatility, cost effectiveness, and state of the art technology is what we promise and deliver to our customers. AQS is your pathway towards everlasting success.