AQS’s experienced engineering and design team gives our customers the competitive advantage they need. We provide superior quality production with a guarantee that each product will be differentiated from competitors; rewarding our clients with the leverage required to assert and standout in a competitive market. AQS will help minimize the risks of time to market and cost. We provide an extensive range of turn-key, joint design, and engineering services that complement our full system and integrated manufacturing solutions. We offer access to new qualified technologies, design, process optimization, and testing. Our engineering and design teams aim is to accelerate products to market without sacrificing quality and delivery schedule by being involved at every stage of design cycle from concept to end-of life.


AQS has been providing customers with over 25 years of experience in PCB Assembly with a proven process and full range of services. AQS’s recognized capabilities including:

  • PCB layout, BOM creation.
  • Firmware/Software development
  • Component engineering for EOL item
  • Hardware development
  • RF design


When it comes to the customization of products, an experienced trustworthy partner is needed to provide the solutions required to make the process run smoothly. Our mechanical design services feature:

  • Mechanical design
  • 3D printing, CNC
  • Soft and hard tooling
  • Injection molding
  • Redesign
  • Material/Component selection
  • Parts procurement

Design for X

Since 1991, AQS has offered innovative manufacturing solutions to customers. With over 25 years of accumulated experience in manufacturing, we proudly serve our customers in improving their design and manufacturing. We take rough sketch designs and build them up from concept to commercialization using our advanced resources and knowledgeable team. Our experience in analysis, testing, and concept modeling provides all of our clients with the solutions needed to turn the vision into a tangible product. Our DFM, DFT & DFA services for PCBA and Mechanical Assembly will:

  • Reduce failure rate (bone pile)
  • Improved yield of mechanical part
  • Improve process time